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Results Driven Facials

02 Oxygen Peptide Facial - 60 minutes                                                                                                              $160

One of our most requested facials. This facial is the ultimate when it comes to luxury meeting results. True representation of what can be achieved in a facial when you combine relaxation techniques with active cosmeceutical skincare. Using the Multi Masking techniques this facial focuses on detoxifying the skin whilst feeding and nuturing the skin at the same time. Oxygenating products detoxify and brighten the skin clearing breakouts and helping to even skin tone. Peptides and hydration help to plump, decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help to improve the skins barrier function. Relax with a full face, neck, decollotage and scalp massage which help to relieve tension and penetrate the actives deep into the skin to give you the most glowing, dewy looking skin.


 Power Hour Facial - 60 minutes                                                                                                                            $150 

One of our best result driven facials. The facial that truely has it all - Microdermabrasion, Gentle Enzyme Peel & Red LED Light Therapy. The tri-combination of all modalities targets all skin concerns whilst stimulating cell turn over, increasing hydration and boosting energy within the skin cells. Perfect prior to any event for the most smooth finish makeup application or even as your monthly maintainence facial to upkeep your skin in a regular routine.


Hydrodermabrasion Facial - 45 minutes

Our Hydrodermabrasion Facial uses the gentle power of suction & purified water to gently remove dead skin cells and give a deep clean. This facial is so gentle it is even the most sensiitive of skins. Serums are infused into the skin at the same time to increase hydration and lipd function within the barrier. Utilising the boosted energy of chromo light that recharges the skin cells so they begin to work more efficiently. One of our most loved facials due to the soft and supple feeling your skin is left feeling with a boost in brightness in dull and lacklustre skins. 


Blueberry Smoothie Power Booster Facial - 30 minutes

An express relaxing treatment whilst power packed full of exfoliating benefits. Including a mini, gentle peel - with a combination of jojoba exfoliation beads and lactic acid give the skin a gentle exfoliation, boost of hydration and leave the skin looking absolutely radiant. This facial is the perfect pick me up before an event for a refreshed look or the perfect facial to jump back into a facial regime to start you back on your skin journey again. ncorporating a massage & hydrating mask in the treatment also helps to create a relaxing facial also.










HydraLift Express - 30 minutes

Just as you sculpt your body in the gym, the HydraLift works in the same way for your facial muscles. The HydraLift Express Facial incorporates lymphatic drainage of the face & neck and lifts the facial muscles using microcurrents. Microcurrent works by re-educating the muscles giving the face overall tone and lift, with visible results from the first treatment. Microcurrent was developed to treat facial palsy & now is widely used for aesthetic purposes. Our brides love this treatment before their big day either as a mini course or a course of 10 which are taken over a period of 6 weeks for optimal results, with a monthly maintenance to upkeep your results. 




Hydradermie Double Ionisation Facial - 60 minutes



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