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Observ Skin Consultations

Observ Skin Analysis
At Cosmedica Skin Specialists we have the state of the art Observ Skin Analysis Device available with every skin consultation. The Observ analyses the skin in 6 comprehensive modes viewing the skins health from the deepest layer all the way through to the surface layers.  This method is highly accurate in diagnosing your skins conditions and needs. Your skin specialist can help guide you through your analysis and recommend the best treatment plan and homecare to return your skin to optimum health and achieve the results you are after. The Observ is also the perfect tool for tracking your treatment progress, provides detailed before & after images and allows you to visualise your results.

All Skin Treatments at Cosmedica Skin Specialists do require an Initial Skin Consultation to accurately analyse your skin and determine the best suited treatment plan with your skin specialist.


Initial Skin Consultation - Please allow 40 minutes
An in depth Observ Skin Analysis and Consultation to accurately assess your skins condition and needs.  Your skin specialist will assess your areas of concern tailoring a best suited treatment and/or treatment plan, with homecare prescription recommendation to achieve your desired results. After your comprehensive skin analysis, all Initial Skin Consultations include an LED Light Therapy treatment complimentary to get you started on your skin journey on the day of your consultation. LED is a great start to strengthening and healing the skin, in preparation for any future treatments. (LED Treatments are valued at $90).  If you do decide to go ahead with any treatment plans or homecare recommendations on the day of your consultation, your initial consultation is completely redeemable against your skin health plans.




Follow Up Skin Consultation - Please allow 20 minutes 
Our Follow Up Skin Consultations are designed to track your skins progress throughout your treatment plan. You are able to see visible changes and improvements in your skins health and assess your treatment plans results. Your skin specialist is also able to stay absolutely on top of everything treatment and homecare wise making sure they never miss a beat when your skin changes. Follow Up Skin Consultations throughout your treatment course are complimentary and include a full Observ Skin Analysis with before and after images.


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